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This section of my blog will give you a general idea about Motors or Auto insurance as per my experience and background in the insurance field. Insurance is the pooling of funds in the form of premiums including risk that is paid by a collection of customers/clients for reimbursing a probable loss financially. Your answers below determine how much you will pay every time you want to insure your vehicle. A new post will be published every week !



Mousa Al Bateh

Dear Surfers

My name is Mousa , and I’m in field of Finance & Insurance. Currently, I’m pursuing the Financial Services and Consultancy industry. I graduated in 2010  from Abu Dhabi University, U.A.E  with Academic Excellence Award as a Bachelor in Finance. I’m currently working as an Accounts Executive at an Insurance Brokerage firm.

I’m an extroverted person with a desire for hard work and achievement in addition to a proud Toastmaster. I like socializing with people and creating sound business relationships with my co-workers, clients and employer through ethical and right business practices. What makes me different from other candidates is that I work to contribute not to take , yet expect me to follow the market niche or trend when it comes to remuneration. I could easily remember faces and names ; and I’m a very organized person with passion for professionalism. I believe also in utilitarianism and promoting social welfare.

My favorite quote  is ” What’s Impossible is Possible”

for any interested employers or companies looking for a permanent full-time Financial Analyst,Asset Manager,Financial Advisor, Financial Planner or a  free lancer and any Finance position, you are more than welcome to email me at

Wish you have a useful time viewing my tutorials which cover some basics !

Yours sincerely


“Note , the idea of posting my profile on a blog is not an imitation, but this is the current trend”

In this page, I will explain one way in which we can evaluate the profitability of a project using cash flow valuation method or NPV of a cash flow, Internal Rates of Return ,etc…

notice that NPV = Present value of future cash flows – Initial investment.

NPV stands for Net Present Value. The basic method is explained in the YouTube video below as well as some other important functions or formulas used to assist in finding the NPV of a project.

Normally, we pick the project which NPV is higher than the others. If we are trying to decide based on the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), we should pick the project whom IRR is higher than it’s discount rate labeled normally as ” r ” .

This section gives an idea about cash budgets

Cash Budgets are not complicated to make. Cash budgets are concerned about aligning the expenses with the right deadline and the money available or expected to be available to asses us either on the personal or professional level in determining how are we going to manage our cash flows and make sure we have enough liquidity to meet active payments liabilities that are necessary either in our life or in the lifespan of a project.

The below YouTube video will give you an explanation of how it can be made:

Notice that it can be made in different ways but the concept stands for planning ahead for our cash flows instead of just listing them as in the cash flow statement which focus is more on historical rather than future results oriented.

I will explain to you here the basics of constructing a cash flow statement.

The cash flow statement simply will tell you what cash money have been received and what cash money have been paid during the period.

It’s divided into three sections which are ( Cash flow from operating activities, cash flow from investing activities and cash flow from financing activities).

Cash flows that are linked or related to the main operations of the company must be ordered under the operating activities section, investing under investing activities and so on.

We have to be careful about the cash money paid or received since we do record Accounts Receivable on the income statement ( also called Profit and Loss statement).

The video below should give you an idea about how cash flow statements are constructed:

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me by e-mail and Good Luck !